Registration / Team Registration

Team Registration

Teams are a huge part of the LIVESTRONG Challenge! Some of our team participants have been around for years and some will be brand new to the event this year. No matter the size of your team or your experience level with the LIVESTRONG Challenge, we invite you to ride with us on October 22, 2017!

Why should you create a team?

  • Comradery: Cycling is typically an individual activity. The LIVESTRONG Challenge strives to bring individuals together for a common goal. As a team, you are riding, honoring and fundraising alongside people you care for all in the fight against cancer.
  • Fundraising Power: Teams in the LIVESTRONG Challenge typically raise more money per person than those not on a team. More fundraising dollars means we have a greater ability to serve those affected by cancer.
  • Incentives: Teams that collectively raise $3,500 or more by October 1 will earn a team tent in the LIVESTRONG Challenge Village. Through this incentive, we will provide your team with a tent, table, chairs and light breakfast on event day. 
  • Celebrate: You can show your team spirit by creating custom shirts or jerseys to wear on event day. Be proud in the work that you and your teammates have accomplished and take on the LIVESTRONG Challenge together.